Stevia is a low calorie sweetener

Stevia is a low calorie sweetner. However it’s also for medicinal purposes, such as increasing glucose tolerance which helps your tissues’ absorb glucose from the bloodstream and used for energy. Be aware that It is nearly 200 times sweeter than table sugar although It won’t raise your blood sugar and doesn’t leave much of an aftertaste.

The plant has two sweet compounds, stevioside and Rebaudioside A (Reb A or rebiana). Studies show that stevioside helps to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. It is healthy and all natural. It just goes through a refining process that involves extracting, isolating and combining Reb A with “natural flavors” and other sugar alcohols to create the powder you put in your coffee. So keep in mind there is some serious processing from plant to packet! Stevia at the supermarket is either whole-leaf stevia or extracts other than Reb A.

I use It every day in my coffee and can’t figure out why it’s not available in all coffee shops. It should be available anywhere we purchase coffee and at restaurant tables for our teas. I was stoked this week when Starbucks was able to deliver! I asked for it accidentially and they said they had it, I was so happy! Hopefully more places get a move on this process. Since it’s all natural and healthy for us, we can kick those unnatural sweetners to the side containing saccharin and aspartame. I’ve also learned to bake with stevia as well to lower my intake of sugar. It’s very helpful for those on the paleo or keto diet that aren’t eating any sugar.